Online Order Instruction

1.    For purchase of full set textbook, please select under heading “EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL” “TEXTBOOK FULL SET”.

2.    For purchase of individual textbook, you may go to “EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL” “TEXTBOOK”

3.    For purchase of school uniform & accessories. please select “PRODUCTS” “SCHOOL UNIFORMS & ACCESSORIES”

4.    Select item to purchase

5.    To exit for payment, go to “Shopping Cart”

6.    Select “Checkout”

7.    Confirm item(s) and select “Check out”

8.    Select “Guest Checkout” follow by “Continue”

9.    Key in Billings Details

10.  To select delivery method, under “Delivery Method”:

For home delivery, please select “Flat Rate”.

For self collection, please select “Pick up at Mee Toh School”


For home delivery, we would contact you on the actual day for delivery by email or phone.


        Please note that home delivery would only commence after 29 Nov 2021. 

11.    For self collection, select date and timing for collection. Please note that collection would only start from 29 Nov 2021. Collection is not available on Sat, Sun and public holidays. 

12.    After “Delivery Method”, please select payment option either via Paypal (Credit card) or Hitpay (Paynow, Credit card, Wechat pay)

13.    Select “Confirm Order”

14.    Once select “Confirm Order”, the website would link you to the third party “Paypal” or “Hitpay” page.

Once order is completed, you would receive an email confirmation from us stating that the order is confirmed. For self-collection, the email confirmation would indicate the date on time for collection.

Please be advised that payment/order is not complete if you do not receive an email notification from us.

If you need confirmation on the status of the order, please contact us at:         

Phone: (65) 6260 7122